Nearly all keto diet plans recommend something called bulletproof coffee (or BPC) and you have no doubt run into mentions of it on trendy websites that feature beautiful pictures of coffee in clear glass mugs on kitchen tables in an artful state of disarray. It is so inextricably linked with the keto lifestyle that it […]

A Guide to Tracking Macros How many times have you been reading a thread on a Keto forum and noticed that everyone seems to be talking about their “macros?” They toss around percentages and talk of amino acids when describing meal plans. If you are only just getting started learning about the Keto diet you […]

Surviving the “Keto Flu” The ketogenic (keto) diet is a popular low-carb diet with a myriad of health benefits. Its premise rests on the theory that without sufficient carbohydrates (essentially sugars) the body will go into ketosis, or draw its energy from fat stores in the form of ketones. This diet can be a very […]

August 16 was my first day back to school. Let me tell you.. it’s been CRAZY since then. One week of optional work days {which I go to}, half a week of required workdays, my son’s birthday and 6th grade orientation, a birthday party on the weekend, and going to school on the weekend to […]