Who here LOVES to go out to eat? Or order take out?

I know I do.. and it’s so difficult to go out to eat sometimes when you live the Keto lifestyle. Your options really are limited to meat and salads. Which, don’t get me wrong, are delicious, but typically you have to alter the original menu listing.

This is one of my favorite meals when we decide to go for Mexican. If you have a Plaza Azteca near you, then you are good to go. The meal featured here is the Chori Pollo. It is chorizo sausage crumbled over a chicken breast topped with queso. I substitute the rice and beans for a side salad with guacamole, salsa and cheese, and I use extra queso for the dressing.

oh. em. gee.

I could seriously eat this a few times a week. It is so good! Seriously, every other diet is for the birds. What other diet can you have sausage and queso and be right on target?

Another place that we enjoy if we are rushed is Wendy’s {it’s really the best fast food option, if you are in a hurry}. We live on the beach in North Carolina. There aren’t many chain restaurants here … we have a lot of family owned, delicious. places to eat. When we go out, we go for steak or chicken, a bunless burger, or any kind of salad topped with some kind of protein. Pasta dishes obviously are out – and most of the time the sides are french fries or another sort of starch. We always sub that out for a side Caesar or similar.

Yes, going out to eat while living this lifestyle can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and the options you have truly are just as delicious. AND think about how crummy you feel when you eat a plate full of pasta at a restaurant. You leave so full, and bloated.. all you want to do is sleep. Dining out Keto.. you leave feeling as great as you did when you got there. Except your hunger has been satisfied 🙂